Air Mattresses

Air mattresses also are known as air bed are inflated kind of mattress. They are portable and easy to fold making them ideal for camping trips and for temporary usage at home. They can be inflated using many ways, you can blow air directly through the valve provided, you can use electric pumps or manual pump., some air mattresses are auto-inflated by just sleeping on them. Most of them are made of PVC making them very light. They are designed in different shapes and sizes to suit every need. A quality air mattress helps you have a good night sleep waking up fresh for a new day.

Some CampRookie air mattresses are designed for healthcare therapies for people with sleeping problems to promote sleep quality, people with spinal disorders, back pain management and many other health conditions that can be managed by use of air mattress.

Why you should use air mattresses when camping.

  • Camping trips require an energized person, quality sleep makes you fresh and energized for a new day. Camping requires people to carry items that are essential for life that should be as light as possible. Air mattresses are ideal for camping because they are light and can be folded easily making them portable which is ideal for camping and back packing.
  • Air mattresses are flexible in that they can be adjusted to one’s liking, giving you the best night sleep which makes you achieve the best of your adventure next day.
  • Air mattresses are beneficial for your health since they are soft and can be adjusted as required by the user
  • They are easy to set up helping you avoid wasting time during camping.
  • Bigger air mattresses can be shared by two people, reducing your luggage during camping.

Where to get Air mattresses.

There are some factors to consider when buying an air mattress. The purpose, price, size, durability, quality and ease of use, these factors help you get an ideal air mattress for you.

Air mattresses are available in stores and supermarkets. You can also find them online, for example, you can shop from Alibaba online store and Walmart stores, they have a variety of air mattresses where you can compare different types to reach to your preferred mattress.

How to Keep Air mattresses from deflating.

Sometimes Air mattresses lose air during sleeping due to some reasons, weight being one of them. There are few techniques to practice to avoid the mattress to lose the air.

  • Folding it well after use. Since the air mattresses are made up of PVC materials they can easily get small holes that are invisible making them lose air. Folding them well keep them durable for long.
  • Check on the valve after inflation to make sure that its tightly closed, sometimes the use of pumps can spoil your valve making it loose air.
  • Place your air mattress on a soft surface duing use to avoid getting scratches that later become holes, store the air mattress in their storage bags after use away from insects and rats which can tear your mattress.

You do not need to lose your sleep just because you are not sleeping on your usual bed. Air mattresses will give best sleeping experience enabling you to wake up fresh and ready for the task ahead. However, you need to take your time to carefully choose the best air mattress for your need when shopping for it.