Economy- One of the most overlooked aspects of CS:GO lies in the economy. Your money is not your own. In order to play effectively, a team must coordinate and buy together. If it is round three and you have an AWP while everyone else has a p250 and a flashbang, something is wrong. Communicate with your team and try to make sure everyone can get a decent loadout. If the entirety of your team cannot have some respectable buy, the team should sacrifice a round and save so as to give a decent chance at regaining round momentum the next round. In selecting your own gear, take care to always buy armor and a kit if you happen to be on CT. These will increase your survivability and give you a much better chance at winning the round. When purchasing weapons, be careful to buy only what you will use. If you don’t expect to live long, if you are playing entry fragger, don’t purchase as many grenades as you can carry. You will waste your money and regret it when you can’t buy that pretty AK you had your eyes on. 

Aim- The most valuable trait in Counterstrike is aim. If you can’t hit your target, you can’t get the kill. There is no substitute for long hours of practice, but there are a few essentials that can help anyone fresh to CS:GO. Recoil compensation is easily the most overlooked skill yet one of the most influential. The ability to keep consecutive shots on target is invaluable, and without it you won’t get far. Every weapon in Counterstrike has its own unique recoil pattern that can be learned and predicted within a reasonable degree of accuracy. As a general rule of thumb, most guns kick up and to the left. In order to counteract this, the player must pull the mouse downward, and to the right. This can be visualized as an upside down 7. This is a great tool to start, but there is no alternative to spending time learning the nuances of each weapon. Another tool in the CS toolbox is pre-firing. With experience and gamesense, the player will eventually get an intuition as to where players are likely to be. The ability to predict the location of an enemy can allow you to quickly peek them, take a deadly shot, and retreat before the enemy can react. While playing, take note of common positions so that you can rehearse peeking them in a private match. 

Grenades- When the enemy is properly entrenched, even the most prolific player will have a difficult time securing an area. The proper use of grenades can offset this advantage and provide an opportunity to efficiently kill the enemy while sustaining minimal damage. Flashbangs are best used when entering an area that is being watched carefully. When using them, care must be taken that you are not looking at them yourself, or you will fall victim to the effects leaving you blind and vulnerable. For maximum effect, the flashbang should have as little exposure to the enemy before detonation as possible. This will give them less time to look away to preserve their vision. Fragmentation grenades are relatively straight forward, dealing significant damage to anyone caught within a small range around the point of detonation. They are best used to flush out entrenched enemies and can also be used to temporarily obscure the enemies’ vision. Smoke grenades can be used to obscure the enemies’ vision for an extended period of time. This can be used to stop a push, allow you to advance on a closely observed position, or even put out fires. Incendiary grenades are awesome area denial tools. They can prevent anyone from passing through a choke point for an extended period of time, buying your team valuable time to rotate. Incendiary grenades can also be used similarly to Fragmentation grenades, but care must be taken to not throw them into smoke as the smoke will instantly smother the flames. Lastly, decoy grenades simulate the sound of gunfire from your primary weapon. After their lifetime has expired, they will terminate with a small explosion. Decoys can be used to mask your true position, as well as cover the sound of footsteps. 

To sum it all up, CS GO is one of the best first person shooting games in the planet. The graphics, sounds and the actual game play itself is super awesome. Another cool feature of CS GO is that it allows you to do some customization buy buying skins in websites like and other more.