When you build your website first thing that comes to mind is how will it be accesses , by choosing a suitable webhosting company or service provider we can rest assured that our website will have 24/7 access available.

There are many points you have to take care before hosting your website, before selecting on the web hosting company, you need to check some reviews. I personally recommend allpowermoves.com. They have some of the best reviews when it comes to hosting services. So here are some of the few things you can consider are: What should be the disk space (also consider options if you will upgrade in future)? What should be the bandwidth required? How much of traffic do you expect? Does it require E commerce facility? Service support required? How much is your Budget? Minimum Uptime required for your website? (It could be 24/7 or less than that) Now when you have finally decided on all the aspects and started with hosting your site you can come across a term called Unlimited bandwidth for Web hosting now let’s see what does it really mean.

Unlimited bandwidth for Web hosting Bandwidths in normal terms refer to the traffic allowed or data transferred between your website and rest of internet. Bandwidth provided by the hosting company is determined by their network connections which is internal to data centre and external to public usage. Having unlimited bandwidth is like unlimited usage and data transfer on your website no extra charges for bandwidth usage. But before signing for any package you need to read the term of service or the agreement copy of the hosting service provider very clearly and in detail.

Mostly these companies disallow hosting of backup file or video files. For a non technical person if he gets the offer stating unlimited bandwidth package he will definitely fall for it but before taking that package understand your requirements , we need to understand how much of bandwidth is enough. It depends mostly on usage of your website does it allows only browsing or does it also allows data downloading facility, you need to understand the uptime and downtime required for the website. Usually they offer bandwidth in terms of Gigabyte (GB) per month. So select your bandwidth plan according to the usage and traffic expected.

The web hosting companies know this very well that many of these websites does not need high bandwidth in fact there will be very few websites which have high volume of traffic and data transfer been done. So for marketing strategy they use this tag as unlimited bandwidth web hosting even if they advertise they will have many restrictions put in for allowing your website to be unlimited. Instead of falling to false claims be alert and understand the billing pattern clearly.

For example they may list out few restrictions like they will restrict the usage of certain file type which takes more data space like Mp3, Zip, tar etc, or they may restrict the size of the file which we want to upload. Usually for a static website like if you are not allowing music or video downloading it does not require more than 1GB of bandwidth. So don’t fall for false promises made by these companies before selecting the bandwidth look for various options available based on your requirement.