Dash Cams: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

The numerous benefits of installing dash cams have got people wanting to jump to the ownership bandwagon. What they don’t know is that while dash cams are relatively small, they possess complicated specifications which a layman may find had to decipher. As a result, numerous buyers usually end up disappointed, having fallen for the sales-oriented terms presented to them by coaxing businesspeople whose only job is get items off their stock.

In order to avoid finding yourself in such a situation, it is advisable to get acquainted with dash cam jargon. This will above all save you from possible future disappointment and be time-effective as well. We compiled a list of consideration factors when you go shopping for your next dashboard camera.

This keeps track of your car’s geographic location in addition to constantly recording the velocity of the vehicle. Thanks to the evolving technology, it is nowadays easy to synchronize GPS data with recorded video clips, which allows drivers to analyze recordings with both location and time stamps.

We live in an era of smartphones, and every developer is striving to make their products compatible with these remarkably powerful devices. Having a dash cam that supports Wi-Fi connection opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Using apps installed either on a smartphone or personal computers, users can access footage stored in the camera’s memory effortless. Nonetheless, Wi-Fi connections are not exactly bullet trains.


Primarily, dash cams are meant to record impact videos. In addition to activating the camera on the instant an impact occurs, some G-Sensors save the video in a read-only format, making it impossible to tamper with the evidence.

SD card

Notably, a significant majority of dashboard cameras do not have inbuilt storage. Rather, they rely on memory expansion cards, most of which are capped at 32GB. Remember, the larger the card’s capacity, the longer the footage it can store at a given time.


Every manufacturer often chooses to avail some add-ons in a bid to make their products more appealing to prospective clients. A popular addition among dash cams is the inclusion of a long charging cable, which can go round the windscreen without obscuring the view and dock at the cigarette lighter port.

Ultimately, what you get is heavily dependent on the intended budget. While cheaper options are attractive, they compromise on several essential features. Similarly, some high-end variants do not justify their exorbitant price tags. An in-depth analysis of features presents the most viable option if you want to buy the perfect fit.